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Pilgrims Glossary

Here are some words and acronyms that might cause confusion for visitors and new Pilgrims. Do you have one that is not listed? Suggest it by using the Contact Us webpage.    

  • PMC- Pilgrims Mennonite Church
  • MCC- Mennonite Central Committee. A relief agency of the Mennonite Church. Pilgrims meethe MCC U.S. campus in Akron PA
  • MCUSA- Mennonite Church USA.
  • ACC- Atlantic Coast Conference.
  • Covenant- The Pilgrims Statement of Mission and Commitment is a documents that is signed by members annually signifying their commitment to each other as members of the Pilgrims community.
  • First "hour" of service- The prelude through benediction in a Sunday worship. Usually lasts 60-75 minutes.
  • Second hour – Sermon discussion time or other activity that follows Sunday worship, on the weeks that we don’t have First and Third.
  • First and Third- A time following the morning service for an intergenerational fun activity, generally on the first and third Sundays of the month.
  • Fellowship Sunday- Sundays when worship service is followed by a potluck that all members and visitors are encouraged to attend.
  • Potluck- meal where those attending bring a dish to share. The variety provides a wonderful setting to share food and conversation. Place setting provided for visitors and those who forget to bring it. Visitors are not expected to bring food!
  • Sabbath Sunday – Worship services are not held the 5th Sunday of the month. This is a “sabbath Sunday” when Pilgrims can gather informally, take a day of rest or do any life-giving activity they choose.
  • Church in homes- About 6-12 people worship and share a meal at a Pilgrims' home on a Sunday morning 2-3 times/year. Groups change each time and all are welcome to attend. Those who RSVP to the contact person are assigned to a home randomly. The meal is coordinated by the host family. Those attending contribute to the meal.
  • Winter retreat- Day(s) set aside for retreat for adults and older youth. These have included reflective/prayer retreats as well as retreats focusing on a topic of interest.
  • Fall beach retreat- A weekend set aside for fellowship and activities, including adults, youth and children. Generally the third weekend in September at Ocean City, NJ.


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