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Pilgrims Glossary

Here are some words and acronyms that might cause visitors to scratch their heads. You've attended a Pilgrims worship service and have one that is not listed? Suggest it by using the Contact Us webpage. For a church-wide list of Mennonite-related terms, see the Mennonite Stew Glossary on the Third Way Cafe website.

  • PMC- Pilgrims Mennonite Church
  • MCC- Mennonite Central Committee. A relief agency of the Mennonite Church.
  • MYF- Mennonite Youth Fellowship. Name given to high-school age group that meets with advisors on a regular basis for fellowship, study, and activites.

  • Youth put on a puppet show for Sunday worship service

  • Covenant- documents signed by members annually signifying their commitment to each other as members of the PMC community.
  • Small group- setting where personal sharing, devotions, discussion, and socializing occurs. Limited number of people in groups facilitates support, accountability, and nurturing relationships.
  • First "hour" of service- the prelude through benediction in a Sunday worship. Usually lasts 60-75 minutes.
  • Second "hour" of service- youth leave for Sunday school classes and adults have a ten-minute coffee break followed by a full group discussion on the input/sermon. Usually lasts 45 minutes.
  • Leadership team- Group that provides leadership for our congregation. Four to five people are selected by the fellowship to give direction in the areas of administration, pastoral care and worship.
  • Fellowship Sunday- Sundays when worship service is shorter and is followed by a potluck that all members and visitors are encouraged to attend. Visitors are not expected to bring food!
  • Potluck- meal where those attending bring a dish to share. The variety provides a wonderful setting to share food and conversation. Place setting provided for visitors and those who forget to bring it. Visitors are not expected to bring food!
  • Church in homes- about 6-12 people worship and share a meal at a Pilgrims' home 2-3 times/year. Groups change each time and all are welcome to attend. Those who RSVP to the contact person are assigned to a home randomly. The meal is coordinated by the host/hostess. Those attending contribute to the meal.

  • Group rolls and cuts homemade pasta for a church in homes meal

  • Winter retreat- day(s) set aside for input on topic of interest for adults and older youth. Attendance is encouraged, but is optional.
  • Fall or Spring retreat- day(s) set aside for full-family fellowship and activities. Fall retreats have been at Ocean City, NJ in recent years. Attendance is encouraged, but is optional.

  • Children and adults admire sand sculpture creations at fall beach retreat

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