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For a quick overview of Anabaptism, view this entertaining 4-minute video produced by the Anabaptist Health Alliance (AHA). It opens with a short segment on AHA, but quickly moves into Anabaptism past and present. Think you'll enjoy it.

Pilgrims Mennonite Church affirms the Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective (source: MC USA website) . In addition, each member annually signs the PMC Statement of Mission and Commitment .

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Pilgrims Mennonite Church ® Statement of Mission and Commitment


We commit ourselves to follow Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and see love of God and neighbor as our first priority. We strive to be a community of grace, joy and peace that embraces diversities such as race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, faith background, and capabilities, so that God's love, healing and hope may flow through us to th world. We welcome all on this journey of following Christ.


Relying on the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves to each other and to the following goals for our lives together:


    1. The fellowship is a discipling community. We commit ourselves to:

            • develop supportive and forgiving relationships that affect the daily lives of each other

            • emphasize the spiritual nurture of members, helping each other grow in our understanding

                 of and love of God

            • provide a safe place to acknowledge weakness, accept God’s forgiveness and openly

                 bring faith questions, recognizing that we will not always share the same beliefs

            • emphasize the importance of God’s gift of children, providing for their care and nurture. Therefore we

                 incorporate children’s activities into our worship, recreation and education

            • discern and respond to physical, spiritual and social needs of those within and outside the


            • grow as a welcoming community, reaching out to those around us

            • encourage and support each other in sacrificial stewardship and simplified lifestyle

            • emphasize the essential nature of the inward journey by such means as prayer, readings,

                 meditations, bible study, silence and retreats

            • emphasize the importance of peacemaking and non-violence in our lives

            • work for gender equality in the congregation and conference

            • grow in our understanding of the earth/environment and in our commitment to respect and

                 care for God’s creation

            • continue to encourage our corporate gifts of joy, play and celebration


    2. The fellowship is committed to discern and provide the opportunity for the use of talents and gifts of

all members.


    3. The fellowship meets regularly for corporate worship to celebrate the resurrected Christ and God’s

work among us, and to receive spiritual challenge. We value a variety of worship styles and gifts.


    4. As a group within the Mennonite/Anabaptist tradition, we recognize the authority of the Scriptures,

which we strive to interpret faithfully with the help of the Holy Spirit and the wider Body of Christ. The "1995 Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective" provides guidance for our belief and practice.


    5. The fellowship seeks to identify with and relate to the universal Body of Christ.


    6. The fellowship emphasizes the importance of small groups and encourages all Pilgrims’ members

to be in a small group, which is called out of and responsible to the congregation. The small group carries the primary responsibility for encouraging accountability and for providing support to its members.


    7. The fellowship members will annually reevaluate their commitment to the fellowship. By signing this covenant, we indicate our commitment to walk with Pilgrims this coming year.


As we seek to realize these goals, we ask God’s presence and strength and forgiveness.

Revised March 23, 2014 congregational meeting


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